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Aromasin Hilma

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  • Active Substance: Exemestane 250
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What is Aromasin Hilma? | What is Exemestane?

Aromasin is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) and is having the active substance called Exemestane. Exemenstane might be found being sold under other brand names, but Aromasin is by far the most famous brand name for this substance. Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) types of drugs form an even broader class off drugs known as Anti Estrogens alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs).

Even though SERMs and AIs are both anti estrogens which are used for dealing with estrogen control, there are big differences between them and more specifically in the method they deal with the estrogen control and their mechanism of actions.

Other notable AIs we might mention Arimidex – Anastrozole and notable SERMs include Clomid and Nolvadex – all of which are anti estrogen medicines.

Aromasin is a medication that is mainly being used for treating breast cancer. That’s because there are some breast cancer types which need estrogen hormone for forming and growing. If the patient is having that type of cancer, anti estrogens like Aromasin are very helpful because this product is lowering the estrogen levels.

However, estrogen is also an unwated by product when it comes to steroid use. This is the reason why Aromasin is so widely used and so popular in bodybuilding and for those people who are using steroids.

This product was approved by FDA many years ago in 1999 and is a very popular product all over the world for various health conditions – all related with estrogen.

What is Aromasin Used For? | What is Exemestane Used For?

Aromasin is mainly used for breast cancer, for receptor positive breast cancer to be more specific. Generally, this product can be used for any purposes when too high estrogen levels is becoming a problem. Aromasin which is containing Exemestane is, therefore, also used by steroid users for dealing with estrogenic control during the cycle with aromatizable anabolic steroids.

There are certain steroids which are converting to estrogen due to aromatization. Aromatase is the enzyme which is responsible for synthesis of estrogen. Steroids are aromatizing and therefore, steroid users might get too much estrogen levels which is leading to unwanted side effects. Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) including Aromasin – Exemestane are blocking the synthesis of the estrogen.

This is leading to the lower estrogen levels in the body which is slowing down the growth of cancers for patients with receptor positive breast cancers and is lowering down the frequency and intensity of estrogen related side effects for steroid users.

Aromasin is a suicidal type of aromatase inhibitor (AI) and this means that the product is permanently disabling the aromatase enzyme as soon as it binds to it. In short, Exemestane is going to prevent the currently bound enzymes from rebounding and this is the biggest difference between exemestane and letrozole or arimidex. This is excluding the chances of “estrogen rebound”.

Dianabol, Boldenone esters, Nandrolones, and all testosterone esters are all converting to estrogen into the body. There are certain types of steroids which do not aromatize and in such cases, you won’t need Aromasin for dealing with the side effects. But if you do run an aromatizable compound (also called “wet” compound”), then you would be required to use anti estrogens for dealing with such side effects as gynecomastia, water retention, heart issues, hypertension and other related with estrogen.

Aromasin also can be used as a PCT medicine too when talking about bodybuilding and steroid uses. Aromasin has been found to increase the endogenous natural testosterone levels in men by about 60% after a 10 day period of using it.

However, this product is rarely used for such a purpose because there are other products considered more effective. That’s why, Aromasin is rarely used as a PCT medicine, but you still may use it.

Aromasin Dosage | Exemestane BodyBuilding Dosing | Exemestane Dosage

Dosage of Aromasin can depend pretty much depending on what exactly do you need out of using it and a number of other factors. For example, if you’re prescribed Aromasin – Exemestane for breast cancer, our recommendation is to use it exactly the same way as said by your doctor. Dosage can vary very much.

If you’re planning to use it as a PCT medicine, usually, dosages can be anywhere around 25 mg a day for no longer than 2 weeks. In most cases, it can be used alongside with Nolvadex for 4 weeks at a dosage of 20-40 mg a day.

However, if you’re using Aromasin for controlling estrogen during the cycle with anabolic steroids (bodybuilding dosage) then most often the dosages are taken anywhere in between 12.5 mg up to 25 mg either on an every other day or daily basis. Doses very much depends on the dosage and type of steroid used.

This product is considered to have a half life of about 24-27 hours, meaning that once every other day or once a day is recommended. Using more frequently is not necessary while using less frequently might not be enough.

Aromasin Side Effects | Exemestane Side Effects

Side effects of Aromasin – Exemestane for bodybuilders are very rare seen when the product is used in proper dosages. Using too much would result in inhibiting too much estrogen. And too low levels of estrogen is resulting in such side effects as loss of energy, depression, erectile dysfunction, insomnia and others.

But using normal doses would rarely result in side effects. That’s because usually, steroid users only require smaller doses and they need it only for a matter of weeks. Females needing it for breast cancer most often get side effects because they are taking much higher doses for a much longer period of time when compared to steroid users.

Some side effects might include joint pain from dryness, but lowering the dosage is usually dealing good with the side effects. Other than that you might get sweating, hot flashes, headaches and insomnia. But then again, it is very rare for a bodybuilder to get them in normal doses.

In the end, is important to know that you would much rather get estrogenic side effects when using aromatizable steroids when not using an aromatase inhibitor.

Where to Buy Aromasin Hilma Biocar? | Where to Buy Exemestane?

Aromasin containing Exemestane can be purchased for whatever the reason – medical or bodybuilding, directly from this page at europe-steroids.com. That’s because you would receive the highest quality Aromasin product manufactured by Hilma Biocare with a very high purity and all of that for an extremely low price. europe-steroids.com is the official distributor of Hilma Biocare products so you can be sure that the prices are always kept low and medications are always genuine and authentic.

It is very important for any bodybuilder and steroid user to have Aromasin handy. When you need something for PCT Aromasin can be really good and there’s hardly anything better for controlling the estrogenic side effects during the administration with “wet” anabolic and androgenic steroids.