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Trenbolone Mix Hilma

  • Product: Trenbolone Mix Hilma 150mg
  • Quantity: 10ml
  • Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare
  • Active Substance: Trenbolone Mix (Tri-Tren)
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What is Trenbolone Mix Hilma?

Trenbolone Mix is the trade name of a Hilma Biocare product and this product is containing all 3 different known Trenbolone esters such as Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and Trenbolone Enanthate 50 mg each meaning that you would receive a total of 150 mg per ml of Trenbolone.

Most people searching for Trenbolone are using a single ester of this steroid in particular, however, those who want to get a fast and in the same time long lasting effect of Trenbolone – this product is what they are looking for.

Trenbolone Mix is actually no different from any other Trenbolone compounds except for the attached esters but the ester doesn’t respond for anything else except for the time release of the product in the system following the administration. In the end, Trenbolone Mix and any other esterified Trenbolone compound is offering same: Trenbolone, which is working the exact same way.

The difference is only in the half life with Trenbolone Acetate having a half life of 1-2 days, Trenbolone Enanthate half life is 4-7 days and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate a half life of 10-14 days. With this being said, Trenbolone Mix is a product which is offering Trenbolone in 3 different esterified versions meaning that the peak level of the product is staying high and you also have a long lasting effect.

Trenbolone Mix is used by bodybuilders and competitive athletes for physique and performance enhancing purposes and those using this product can expect huge results and that’s because this product has huge anabolic effects. Generally, Trenbolone is considered 5 times more powerful compared to testosterone and that’s because Trenbolone’s Anabolic to Androgenic ratio is 500:500.

What is Trenbolone Mix Used For?

Trenbolone Mix is not used in any medical uses for any health needs as an approved prescription medication. In fact, there are no Trenbolone compounds given as prescription for human use. Instead, Trenbolone is the hormone used in veterinary medicine in cattle to promote muscle growth.

Humans found this product extremely effective in promoting muscle growth so is no wonder why it got such a popular steroid among bodybuilders, powerlifters and competitive athletes for performance and physique enhancement purposes. In fact, this product is extremely famous because is considered one of the most powerful steroids in existence.

That’s why Trenbolone Mix might be the most powerful steroid that you might ever find. The results out of using Trenbolone Mix can be expected as: fast and solid gains, high quality muscle mass with a strength increase. This stuff can offer huge muscle hardness for your entire body!

Trenbolone is working like a HGH promoting muscle growth while allowing to get rid of the extra fat. It is a great steroid with amazing anabolic properties and great anti catabolic properties by stimulating protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

Generally, this product is used with great success in increasing muscle mass, feed efficiency as well as mineral absorption. With this being said, Trenbolone is a product which can be used with great success for those who are looking to get amazing quality gains. Trenbolone cannot offer estrogenic side effects because it doesn’t aromatize and that’s why no puffy muscles but lean muscles are obtained out of using it.

Trenbolone also has been “crowned” as the number one steroid for cutting phases. According to many people – there’s just nothing better than Trenbolone to lose weight while maintain current muscle mass.

Trenbolone Mix, offering all 3 esters of Trenbolone can do it all while you are going to be great with less injection schedule and still having stable blood levels.

How to Use Trenbolone? | Trenbolone Mix Dosage / Administration

Remember that Trenbolone is one of the strongest steroids that you would ever come along and Trenbolone Mix is definitely a product among the strongest products you can ever find since is offering 150 mg of 3 different Trenbolone esters at once.

That’s why, Trenbolone should be used with big care and don’t ever try to use more than recommended otherwise the side effects are nearly guaranteed. Trenbolone isn’t a compound that should be played around. Keep the dosages low a general rule of thumb – never go over 700 mg per week of Trenbolone regardless of your experience and tolerance. That would keep you save.

But usually, people start with Trenbolone compounds around at 100 mg weekly. Most people suggest that their sweet spot with Trenbolone is approximately 350-400 mg a week.

Keep in mind that this product kicks in immediately because it has Trenbolone Acetate in it, it maintains the levels thanks to Trenbolone Enanthate and it has long lasting effects thanks to the Hexa ester.

We would recommend to use 3 ml per week and you can use this product once every 5-7 days for maintaining stable levels. A good steroid cycle with Trenbolone Mix would be: 11 weeks with Trenbolone Mix 400 mg a week, Testosterone Cypionate 500 mg a week, Cardarine 20 mg a day, Aromasin 12.5 mg a day for dealing with estrogenic (from testosterone) and progestin (from Trenbolone) side effects and also N2Guard.

Implementing a PCT is very important.

Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone does not have estrogenic side effects but it might offer an increase in progestin and progestin side effects are often close related to estrogenic side effects.

Also, trenbolone does not offer any hepatotoxicity meaning that is safe for your liver. But instead of hepatotoxicity and estrogenic side effects, it offers big androgenic side effects. Women are going to get virilizing side effects with very low doses of Trenbolone so they should stay away from Trenbolone compounds, especially from Trenbolone Mix with long lasting effects.

Androgenic side effects are known as oily skin, acne and others but aggression and temper is especially known with Trenbolone. Some other side effects include: Trenbolone cough which means coughing spells after the injection for a few minutes.

It is decreasing the cardio endurance, is offering night sweats, inability to reach climax in some situations and in rare situations gynecomastia (man breasts).

Stay within normal dose for staying away from side effects.

Where to Get Trenbolone Mix?

Trenbolone Mix is one extremely powerful steroid which is maintaining stable blood levels and is long lasting thanks to its 3 combined esters. This compound can be used with great success for both bulking and cutting cycles and is the compound of choice to millions of people.

You can buy it directly from our website on as Trenbolone Mix from Hilma Biocare is one of the highest quality and lowest priced steroid.