Testosterone Cypionate
  • Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate

  • Product: Testosterone Cypionate Balkan 200mg
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  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Active Substance: Testosteron Cypionate, Cipandrol
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What is Cipandrol? Testosterone Cypionate

Cipandrol is basically testosterone cypionate but it comes as Cipandrol as a trade name for this synthetic testosterone. Balkan Pharmaceuticals manufacture Cipandrol and this product comes in a pack containing 10 ampules x 1 ml per ampule and 200 mg of Testosterone Cypionate per ml. There’s no difference between Cipandrol or any other testosterone cypionate product since they are all basically the same. So, in order to understand what is Cipandrol and what is used for – you need to understand what is testosterone cypionate.

This product is just testosterone, synthetic testosterone that is no different from the naturally produced testosterone in our bodies. This is the main male hormone and it helps to maintain proper body functions and well being. This hormone responds for muscle growth, fat loss, libido, mood, and many others. When a man is suffering from low testosterone – he is getting a number of nasty symptoms. By adding synthetic testosterone – you can avoid those symptoms, as the body doesn’t see any difference between naturally produced testosterone and synthetic testosterone.

Testosterone Cypionate is basically the exact same testosterone as any other form of testosterone or natural testosterone. Except for testosterone cypionate, there’s also testosterone enanthate, propionate, acetate, decanoate and many others. They are all offering the exact same hormone – testosterone, the difference between them is the attached ester. The ester is what responds for the time in which the hormone is released in the bloodstream post its administration.

Talking about Testosterone Cypionate specifically, then we can say that it has a pretty long half life but by far not the longest. Cypionate half life is approximately 8 days while plasma half life of testosterone ranges from 10 to 100 minutes. Since Cipandrol comes with the attached ester, we can say that its half life is 8 days.

What is Cipandrol Used For? | What Does Testosterone Cypionate Do?

Cipandrol is most often used by bodybuilders as a self injection and they are using it as a performance enhancer drug (PED). As it was said, testosterone is a hormone that is offering muscle growth and body fat loss and this means that the more testosterone you’re having – the more muscles you can grow, the more stamina you have, the more fat you lose and so on and so forth.

Bodybuilders and competitive athletes have noticed that this product can be extremely helpful for them in terms of training more/ harder and growing more muscles while losing more body fat.

In medical settings, synthetic testosterone (be it cypionate, enanthate or whatever other) is used to treat muscular atrophy in patients, severe menstrual bleeding, osteoporosis and low bone density. Generally, this product is offered to those men who are having low testosterone and can’t produce enough testosterone on their own.

So in the end, nowadays this product is used by those people who are suffering from a testosterone deficiency and by those athletes who want to get an athletic performance advantage – this is mostly in such sports as weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding, but other athletes use it too.

Cipandrol – Testosterone Cypionate Dosage / Cycle / Administration | How To Use Cipandrol?

When Cipandrol is used for performance and physique enhancement purposes (which is the main reason) then it was discovered that the usual moderate testosterone dose on a steroid cycle is going to be approximately 500 mg per week. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what testosterone you are using, the most common dose would be around 500 mg weekly which means approximately 2 or 3 ampules weekly.

However, it is not unheard of some people using up to 1000 mg a week (5 ampules) or even more. However, generally, dosing 1000 mg per week is only recommended to experienced people and that’s a dosage that not everyone can tolerate. Doses higher than 1000 mg a week are not recommended due to high side effects risks.

Because of the long half life of Cipandrol (Testosterone Cypionate), the product is injected approximately every 5 or 6 days or so. Usually, a testosterone cycle (regardless of the ester) is lasting anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the needs and personal tolerance.

However, in case you are using this product for TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) they would run only approximately 150 to 200 mg a week (approximately 1 ampule of Cipandrol) and that’s due to the fact that for these people, the main goal is just to get their testosterone levels in the normal range and not to get the testosterone over the normal.

Cipandrol is an extremely versatile product because testosterone can be added to nearly any cycle and with nearly any other PED. A good example of a good stacking would be 500 mg of testosterone per week taken with either Dianabol, Anavar, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin or Equipoise or any other. There are many others.

Cipandrol Side Effects | Side Effects of Testosterone

Cipandrol is fairly safe if taken in normal doses but it can become dangerous if abused, especially for a prolonged period.

Basically, this product is offering all the side effects that are associated with too high testosterone levels in the body. For example, for a female – the most noticeable and worst side effects would be virilization symptoms including deepening of the voice, facial hair growth, menstrual irregularities, clitoral enlargement etc.

But generally, too high testosterone levels are associated with: estrogenic side effects (water retention, gynecomastia – man boobs, high blood pressure etc.), androgenic side effects (acne, oily skin, excessive hair and facial growth, baldness –hair loss and others). This product is also having negative effects on the cardiovascular health, especially on cholesterol. Also, synthetic testosterone is suppressing natural testosterone production.

For all these reasons, it is recommended to use an anti estrogen for dealing with estrogenic side effects and to implement a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan to recover the natural testosterone production. Side effects of Cipandrol are highly dose and personal tolerance dependent.

Where And Why Buy Cipandrol – Testosterone Cypionate?

You can buy Cipandrol directly from our website and you are guaranteed to get the lowest price possible. That’s because we work directly with the manufacturer – Balkan Pharmaceuticals without any intermediary.

You are going to get a high quality synthetic testosterone for a very low price. By using Cipandrol you are going to improve your training quality, would enhance muscularity and strength as well as you can achieve a much better looking physique.