Testosterone Undecanoate Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Testosterone Undecanoate Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Testosterone Undecanoate Balkan

  • Product: Testosterone Undecanoate Balkan 250mg
  • Quantity: 4ml
  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Active Substance: Testosterone U
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What is Testosterone U? | What is Testosterone Undecanoate?

Testosterone U is the brand name of the Testosterone Undecanoate as the active substance in this product and this is an anabolic and androgenic steroid manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Testosterone Undecanoate also can be found in form of tablets sold under brand names Androl and Jatenzo and it might better known when used as an injection form as the brand names Aveed or Nebido.

This form of testosterone is distinguished from other testosterones such as Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate by displaying a very long half life of about 21 days if it comes in tea seed oil and as high as 34 days if it comes in castor oil.

Other than the different time release of the main ingredient (Testosterone) in the system after its being administered, there’s no other difference between Testosterone Undecanoate and any other form of testosterone.

In the end, you receive the same active ingredient – synthetic testosterone. And as it is very well known, this is the main and essential hormone for a man. This is also the essential hormone for building muscles and enhancing performance and it is no wonder that synthetic testosterone products got very widely used by steroid users who want to improve their physique and enhance performance.

Generally, Testosterones are mainly used for low testosterone levels in men, but is also used for Hormone Therapy for transgender men and it has other medical uses.

This specific form of testosterone (with undecanoate attached ester) is not as famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes as other forms of testosterones, nonetheless some bodybuilders still prefer to use it thanks to its very long half life.

Testosterone Undecanoate Half Life

As mentioned, this product is having a half life depending on what type of oil is the active ingredient is used with. The half life can be 21 days or 34 days depending on the oil. But as mentioned, there’s an oral version of testosterone undecanoate with a much shorter half life.

Nonetheless, this specific product is coming in an oil based injection and for this reason the half life is very long. It very slowly lingers through your system after it is being administered but is also very slowly flushed out.

Testosterone U Balkan Effectiveness | What is Testosterone Undecanoate Used For?

Testosterone U is having pretty much the same effectiveness as any other form of Testosterone because you receive the same active ingredient – synthetic testosterone. Testosterone Undecanoate is being used in androgen replacement therapy, hypogonadism and it also can be used for other medical uses too.

But is being used by bodybuilders and powerlifters for the same purposes as any other steroids – increasing physique and enhancing performance.

Synthetic testosterone is working in the body the exact same way as naturally occurring testosterone and that’s why we can assume there’s no differences between the 2. Testosterone is the male hormone that is extremely important for gaining muscles, gaining strength, losing fat and getting other man like characteristics (such as facial and body hair growth, hair loss, deeper voice and others).

In the end, by using synthetic testosterone, you’re going to expect getting the following benefits out of using Undecanoate 250: enhanced weight loss properties, increased mood, increased muscle gains, increased confidence, better sleep as well as a boost in libido.

Testosterone Undecanoate Dosage | Testosterone U Administration

Testosterone Undecanoate is having quite a lower active dose of testosterone in a 100 mg dose. For example out of 100 mg you are expected to get only about 61%. That’s quite much less compared to Testosterone Propionate which offers active dose of 80%.

With this being said, the dosage should be a bit higher. But also, because of its very long half life, you can use it once every week without any issues. There’s absolutely no need to use it more than once a week.

You can use about 1000 mg of Undecanoate 250 per week and this means you would receive about 610 mg of this compound and that’s a really good dose.

There are people who want to use as high as 1000 mg of pure testosterone or even higher per week while others use as little as 250 mg of their TRT needs, nonetheless, most people find their sweet spot is anywhere in the range of 400 to 700 mg a week.

Also, remember that this is a synthetic testosterone product and this means that it stacks extremely well with nearly any other given steroids out there. Also, is so versatile that it can be stacked with cutting and bulking steroids either for both training phases. Most stacks includes with Trebolone, Deca or Equipoise.

Do not forget to add Cardarine 20 mg a day, Aromasin at least 10 mg every other day and N2Guard no less than 5 capsules every day.

Testosterone U / Testosterone Undecanoate Side Effects

Taking in consideration that you receive testosterone in a very prolonged period of time, there’s a good chance that the side effects would be felt much lower compared to other esterified testosterones. Or at least until this compound would fully build up in your system.

But in the end, you receive the same active ingredient – synthetic testosterone and that’s why the side effects are expected to be the exactly same as with any other testosterone compounds out there.

The side effects very much depends on the dosage because if you’re having too much testosterone in the body this inevitably leads to side effects. So we can safely say that side effects are very correlated with the amount of this product that you use. Reducing the dosage would reduce the side effects.

With this being said, exactly as with all other forms of testosterone – you can expect getting androgenic side effects (aggression, hair loss, acne, oily skin and others) including virilization for women, so they shouldn’t use this compound. Also you can get estrogenic side effects too such as water retention, depression, gynecomastia and others.

Natural testosterone suppression, cholesterol and cardiovascular side effects are all expected too.

Where to Buy Testosterone Undecanoate? | Buy Testosterone U

Testosterone Undecanoate as the brand name Undecanoate 250 manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a product offering synthetic testosterone for a very prolonged period of time and that’s very convenient for some people.

Although this is by far not the most famous form of testosterone, some people prefer it because of the fact that it offers very long half life.

If you decide that you’re among those who need it, you can purchase it absolutely hassle free directly from this page at europe-steroids.com and the best part is that Testosterone U is offered for a very low price and is of the same high quality as any other steroids from other pharmacies.