Yk-11 Sterling Knight
  • Yk-11 Sterling Knight

Yk-11 Sterling

  • Product: YK-11 Sterling 5mg
  • Quantity: 60 tablets
  • Manufacturer: Sterling Knight
  • Active Substance: SARM YK-11
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What is YK 11 Sterling? | What is YK 11?

SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators are well-known for giving the same muscle growth results as anabolic steroids but without the negative side effects that comes with the latter. Japanese scientists are doing an experiment on a new SARM known as YK11 which is said to be the strongest amongst all, even more potent than classic steroids such as DHT. YK11 is believed to be a SARM and produce the effect of myostatin at the same time.

Where to Buy YK 11 Sterling? | Buy YK 11

YK-11 Sterling Knight which might better known as its brand name YK-11 can be easily purchased from europe-steroids.com directly from this page with the entire process being hassle free.