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  • Product: Anapolon Balkan 50mg
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  • Active Substance: Oxymetholone
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What is Anapolon/ Oxymetholone

Anapolon is an oral anabolic steroid that is considered to be extremely beneficial when it comes to athletes looking for increasing their performance potential. Anapolon is being manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and the active substance in the steroid is Oxymetholone, an anabolic steroid that you most likely heard about if you’re having at least any ideas about steroids as this is one of the most popular steroid on earth, however it is mostly known as Anadrol.

You should know that this steroid is having an extremely increased effect of anabolic activity and in the same time a very decreased effect of androgen activity. All of this made this drug be extremely popular in the circle of bodybuilders and athletes and it is currently among the most used steroid in the world.

What does Anadrol/ Anapolon/ Oxymetholone do?

The Efficiency of Anapolon

The first thing that most people are going to notice while administering with Anapolon is the fact that they are having a very fast muscle growth. This is being the main reason why it is being so widely used. In the first 2 weeks of administering the drug you might notice that you have gained 4 to 5 kg of muscle mass. However, at the end of a cycle you might add 10 to 15 kg in total.

It is important to know that you might lose a little bit of mass when you drop the steroid. Many bodybuilders noticed this pullback effect after they stopped. Usually, it is said that around 30% or so of the total mass gained thanks to its use would be lost. Even so, it is still one of the favorite steroid among lots of bodybuilders.

Other benefits of this product include: the strength is going to be maximized to an extreme level that is noticeable above the normal level and also – the speed is also going to be increased and the ability to make movement is going to be increased. Increased stamina and endurance are other additional benefits. The pains after the a hard intense training is going to be reduced, the overall well being of the individual is going to be increased and a big plus is that users are experiencing positive changes after only several weeks of using Anapolon.

Anapolon/ Anadrol/ Oxymetholone Cycle

How to Use Anapolon

It is recommended not to use Anapolon (oxymetholone) if you are not an adult who reached 21 years. The steroid is only recommended to men over 21. Keep in mind that this steroid it is being used specifically for the mass gaining and not for the increasing of the strength of the muscles. It is recommended that  a full duration of the cycle to be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks and not to get over this mark. To start another cycle you should wait for at least the same amount you’ve been on the steroid, but preferably longer. The recommended daily dosage should be around 200 mg, it very much depends on each individuals’ own tolerance to the drug.

But it is recommended to start at a lower dosage of only 50 mg a day. That’s in order to give time to the body to get accustomed to the product. Plus, if you have some negative effects, then at a lower dosage the effects would be tolerable. After you got over the initial dosage, you might start slowly increasing and carefully check all the reactions of the body. If you’re good enough you can continue increasing.

Only if you’re having experience with this drug and you know all the effects and side effects that you might get out of using, then it is going to be possible and considered safe to use this steroid at the same level during the entire cycle.

Combining Anapolon (oxymetholone)

Anapolon can be combined with a lot of different steroids, however it is extremely important to know that a steroid cycle should consist of a single steroid that is C17 alpha alkylated. Anapolon (oxymetholone) is C17 alpha alkylated so it means that it can be combined with a lot of different steroids, except those that are also C17 alpha alkylated steroids. This is because this way you would keep your liver healthy.

However, if you’re in need for quickly preparing to weight gain, then this is going to be the best weight gainer. Do not use this steroid for more than 6 weeks and re use it again after at least 6 weeks of being off it (but preferably longer).

Anapolon Side Effects

The side effects out of using Anapolon are showing more often compared to when you’re using some other oral steroids. The reason for that is because Anapolon (oxymetholone) is a very powerful steroid and therefore it has a big impact on the human body. Nonetheless, remember that by having a properly planned cycle as well as a post cycle intake, then the side effects are nearly completely reduced or they are simply non existent. By having a normal dosage protocol, being healthy enough and not taking the product for too long, the side effects won’t become bothersome. Anapolon is mostly safe, but only to those who use it properly. The side effects of Anapolon (oxymetholone) include: estrogenic side effects; androgenic side effects; cardiovascular side effects; natural testosterone suppression as well as hepatotoxic side effects.

Where To Buy Anadrol/ Anapolon

Why Buy Anapolon

There are a lot of professionals who recommend newbies into not starting with this powerful steroid in case your body is not prepared with it. You should be healthy enough and have knowledge enough in order to start with it. However, if you do have health and knowledge then Anapolon can become one of the most valuable steroids you ever used. It is amazing in offering huge gains as people managed to gain up to 15 or even 20 kg per cycle. This is the reason those people who are practicing bodybuilding are very happy with the effects they get out of this stuff. Anapolon steroid by Balkan Pharmaceuticals is amazing in terms of effectiveness as it is one of the most powerful steroids existent.