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What is Anastrozole?

Anastrozol is a very powerful medicine that is being classified into the class of Aromatase Inhibitors and thanks to its amazing effects, is a very popular product in the bodybuilding world. Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a company that is known to offer high quality products, manufacture Anastrozol. The product comes in form of tablets and so the product is used orally. A pack of Anastrozol is containing 60 tablets of 0.25 mg of Anastrozole (main ingredient) per tablet.

Anastrozol is a product that is in the class of Aromatase Inhibitors and these are in an even wider class of drugs called anti estrogens. These products are called “anti estrogens” because they are working by controlling the estrogen levels in the body. Since bodybuilders are often in need of controlling the estrogen levels – it is no wonder why anastrozole (often is called Arimidex – by its brand name) got so popular.

The product is very popular and widely used all over the world. By purchasing Anastrozol (Anastrozole) you are going to save a lot of money while getting the exact same high quality of product. For example, Arimidex is having the exact same active ingredient as Anastrozol, but is much more expensive just because of the brand. Ultimately – it is important to check the price as you get same product for fewer prices.

What is Anastrozole Used For?

Anastrozol (often called Arimidex) is used for reducing the levels of the female sex hormone called estrogens in the blood and that’s while increasing the secretion of the natural testosterone levels as well as gonadotropin hormone. This product is a great medicine in controlling the estrogen levels and therefore, Anastrozole is also used with a great success for the treatment and especially prevention of gynecomastia (also called man’s boobs) in men.

Anastrozole is also used for other reasons either. For example, medically, the product is used in addition to other treatments for breast cancer. More specifically, Anastrozole is used for hormone receptor positive breast cancer. Nevertheless, bodybuilders still most often use it. That is because; those bodybuilders who are controlling their estrogens levels (during administration with AAS) are capable of avoiding high estrogen related side effects such as: gynecomastia, water retention and others.

Ultiamtely, Anastrozole is used for dealing with too high estrogen levels. For steroid users the estrogen levels are getting problematic when the androgens are converting to estrogens. This is why, anastrozole (or any other anti estrogen) is extremely important to add to the steroid cycle. For clinical uses, the product is used when breast cancer has appeared due to the too high levels of estrogen (hormone receptor positive breast cancer).

What Does Anastrozole Do To Your Body?

Anastrozole is working by reversibly binding to the aromatase enzyme and through the competitive inhibition, which is blocking the conversion of the androgens (most often during the administration of AAS) to estrogens in the peripheral tissues (extragonadal tissues).

Mostly because most of the cycles in which anabolic/ androgenic steroids are used – the users of these products are predisposed to aromatization and as it was said – converting the androgens to estrogens and this is going to lead to some worsening or to appearance of some side effects.

With all of this being mentioned, Aromatase Inhibitor products such as Anastrozole are largely used as a subclass of post course therapy as medicines that are capable to help the individual with:

Increasing the levels of anabolic hormones in the blood (this effect is increasing the effect of steroids); eliminating the high estrogen levels side effects such as: gynecomastia, water retention, blood pressure out of water retention and others. This drug is also reducing the suppression of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles. This is something extremely valuable during the course with an anabolic/ androgenic steroid. It is improving the external qualities of the muscles, relief as well as venousness thanks to reducing the water retention.

How to Use Anastrozole? | Anastrozole Dosage / Administration

Anastrozole uses for breast cancer in most cases are 1 mg per day until the disease progression stops. By administering with this product, it means you need to use 4 tablets a day (0.25 mg x 4 tablets daily).

However, when it comes to controlling the estrogens level for the bodybuilder who is using steroids, the most common dose is anywhere between 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg a day (one to 2 tablet a day). Usually, this dosage is enough in dealing with the side effects of the estrogen levels as this dosage is enough in controlling estrogen. Nonetheless, some athletes using steroids might use 1 mg a day (4 tablets a day). Generally, that’s maximum a male athlete would need to take.

By taking higher doses – the side effects risks are elevated but chances of controlling the estrogens levels are very few.

Anastrozole Side Effects | What are the Side Effects of Anastrozole?

Some of the most common side effects that are associated with Anastrozole are: hot flashes; joint pain; mood changes; weakness; headache; fatigue as well as swelling of the arms and/ or legs and also high blood pressure. Most people tolerate well anastrozole and side effects are most often a cause of worry when is abused.

Other side effects include those of cholesterol and cardiovascular issues. That’s because estrogen has a positive effect on them and when it is being inhibited – the cholesterol and cardiovascular issues may appear. Usually, the side effects of anastrozole are the exact same side effects as any other aromatase inhibitor.

It was also discovered that anastrozole may have a negative effect on bone density and this means that it can reduce the health of the bones, increasing the chances of osteoporosis. Before using Anastrozole, make sure your health condition allows you to take it.

Where To Buy Anastrozole?

Anastrozole can be purchased directly from our website. You can get the Anastrozol pack of 60 tablets, 0.25 mg a tablet from Balkan Pharmaceuticals and you are going to get an amazing price for the very high quality of anastrozole.

This stuff is extremely powerful in controlling the estrogen levels so t is highly recommended to everyone who is having a hard time dealing with estrogen related side effects.