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What is Clomed (Clomiphene Citrate)? | Clomid

Clomed is a product with the active ingredient – Clomiphene Citrate, this is a SERM type of drugs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) and so is pretty much in the same grouping as is tamoxifen (nolvadex), but the product might better known by its other brand name more famous – Clomid. The difference between Clomed and Clomid is the manufacturer but the active ingredient is the same. By resorting to Clomed – you are going to save a lot of money compared to Clomid. That’s because Clomed is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a company that is offering high quality drugs for cheaper prices.

This stuff is most widely prescribed product for ovulation induction, and therefore is very useful for those who are having infertility issues.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of male bodybuilders who have found it useful either. They are using it as a cycle of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) for the same mechanism of action. Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is considered very popular for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) for those who are using anabolic steroids. They found it very helpful when using estrogenic steroids like deca durabolin, dianabol or testosterone, plus it is helpful for gynecomastia treatment either.

Clomiphene Citrate Half Life

Clomiphene Citrate has a half life of approximately 5 to 7 days. Half life is the time in which half of the product is flushed out of the body which means that you can take an average 6 day half life as a reference point. All in all, there are low chances that you would have anything left in your body after 14 days, but it remains effective for much fewer period. Nonetheless, detection time is still much higher.

How Does Clomiphene Work? | What Does Clomed Do?

Clomiphene citrate is working by increasing the LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and this is an advantage because is increasing total testosterone levels. Clomed is having the ability to bind to the estrogen receptors and that’s why is helpful as a PCT product and as an anti gyno product, however, it is considered to be a pretty weak anti gyno and that’s why many people prefer other products when it comes to treatment of gynecomastia.

In order to make it easier to understand – when a steroid user is running a cycle their HPTA is going to get suppressed and therefore their bodies LH and FSH is going to nearly 0 so their body does not produce testosterone naturally. With this being said, it is important to run a PCT (post cycle therapy) when the bodybuilder is coming off a cycle as this would greatly help to recover the body’s HPTA.

Clomiphene citrate (active ingredient in Clomed) is stimulating the hypophysis for releasing more ganodotropins. Ganodotropins are protein hormones that are being secreted by gonadotrope cells of the pituitary gland and is stimulating faster and higher release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) as well as luteinizing hormone (LH). When this increase occurs, the rise in LH is going to go up so the total testosterone levels allows the user to keep normal levels until their bodies would recover on their own.

In short – when you use steroids, your pituitary is receiving information that the testis are making too much testosterone (because of the fact that you artificially use steroids) and that’s why LH falls so the testis stop making testosterone naturally. Clomid is “fooling” the pituitary, manipulating it into producing more LH.

Remember that Clomid is not a steroid so it won’t help you build muscles. It is in no way a steroid – is a SERM. That is the main reason why trying to use Clomed for gaining muscles from high testosterone levels is making no sense. The only Clomed use is when you come off a steroid and use clomiphene as a Post Cycle Therapy.

How to Take Clomiphene | How to Use Clomed?

Most commonly, it was reported that a dosage of anywhere between 50 to 100 mg a day (which means 1 or 2 tablet a day of Clomed) is going to be enough to do the job. In fact, there are some studies proving that 150 mg a day of clomiphene is going to increase the testosterone levels by around 150%. It is not unheard of people using high doses – as high as 200 mg or maybe even 300 mg a day. However, there’s no need to use such high doses as the side effects risks are getting higher and it would barely be any beneficial.

It is recommended to start with a single tablet a day of Clomed and see how well you can tolerate it and how well it would do the job for keeping you away from suppressed testosterone levels after a steroid cycle. It is recommended to use doses no higher than 200 mg a day but if 200 mg a day won’t help, there are high chances that no further dose would be helpful.

It is recommended to drop down the dosage the dosage when you recover from a steroid cycle. For example – 100 -150 mg a day the first 2 weeks. 50 to 100 mg a day the next 2 weeks and until week 6 – 50 mg a day.

Clomed / Clomiphene Side Effects

Clomiphene is considered a product well tolerated by both men and women, nonetheless some side effects of Clomed are still possible. Here are some of the possible side effects of this drug: hot flashes, nausea, headaches as well as breast discomfort.

Plus, it was noticed that those who use doses higher than 200 mg a day they might get side effects as “depressed” or as it is called anecdotally – “PMS” because some users may get very emotional.

Why Buy Clomed / Where I Can Buy Clomiphene Citrate?

By purchasing Clomed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals you are going to get a very high quality of Clomiphene Citrate which means that you are going to get great help if you’re a man who is looking for a very effective PCT plan.

You can purchase this product directly from our website and you would save money while you can be sure that you would get high quality.