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What is Esculap (Tadalafil)? | How Much Does Esculap – Cialis Cost?

Esculap is a product made for Erectile Dysfunction and the main ingredient here is Tadalafil, a PDE 5 inhibitor that is much better known as Cialis. Esculap is a generic version of Cialis since the main ingredient (Tadalafil) is the same in both products. The great advantage of Esculap over Cialis is the fact that you can save a lot of money while getting the exact same product – high quality Tadalafil.

Esculap is a product manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals – a famous pharmaceutical company that is known to offer high quality products to their customers. By purchasing a pack of Esculap from Balkan Pharmaceuticals you can expect to get a pack of 60 tablets (20 mg per tablet) and by getting it from our website, you can save a lot of money.

What is Esculap – Tadalafil Used For? | How Does Tadalafil Work?

Esculap is a product that is used for treating erectile dysfunction. As it was mentioned – this is a PDE 5 inhibitor and these types of drugs are mostly used for those people who are suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction) – a condition in which the individual cannot get or maintain an erection (impotence). PDE 5 inhibitors type of drugs (like Tadalafil – Cialis, but there’s also Viagra (sildenafil) or Levitra (vardenafil) in this category) are also having other uses. For example, tadalafil can be used to treat Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) or also Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Anyway, in the end – it is mostly used for Erectile Dysfunction.

Esculap (tadalafil) is a product that is known as a PDE 5 inhibitor – these types of drugs are known to work by relaxing the smooth muscles. By inhibiting the phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes, they are increasing the amount of GMP – cyclic guanosine monophosphate. When this number is increased – the smooth muscles are relaxed and the blood flow to some parts (like the penis) is increased.

It is important to know that Esculap is only working as a “physical sexual enhancer” which means that you need to have sexual stimulation in order to make it work.

How Long Does Esculap Last? | How Long Does Tadalafil (Cialis) Last?

In short – Esculap should last more than 30 hours in duration after taking a pill of it. That’s because of the active ingredient which is known to have a long half life – at least much longer compared to other PDE 5 inhibitors type of drugs, such as Viagra (sildenafil) or Levitra (vardenafil). This is considered a great advantage as this means that the product has a long lasting effect.

In order to understand how much this product last, it is important to understand what is the half life of this product. The half life if 17.5 hours for Esculap and this is the reason why the product should have effects even 30 hours later. The half life is the time in which half of the product is eliminated out of your body. This means that after 17.5 hours – you have less than half of medication in your body. You should be fully clean of it in 35 hours, nonetheless – after 30 hours you would barely get any effects out of using it.

With all of this being said, the product is having most noticeable effects approximately 1 hour after taking it to about maximum 24-28 hours. Then the effects would start to fade away.

How to Take Esculap (Tadalafil)? | Esculap – Cialis Dosage/ Administration

Esculap can be taken in 2 different methods – either on an as needed basis or on a daily basis. The dosage and the method of using esculap (tadalafil) greatly depend on personal tolerance to the product and on why you need to use this product. Esculap is coming in dosage of 20 mg per tablet. Individuals who may need less dosage can cut the pill in half meaning they can get 10 mg of tadalafil. This product is taken orally with or without food.

The first method of using this drug – “as needed” is used only for ED condition and it is taken no less than 30 minutes before sexual activity in order to have an effect. The product shouldn’t be taken more than a dosage in 24 hours which means that a single dose should be enough. The dosage is anywhere between 5 mg to 20 mg.

The second method of using Esculap is on a daily basis regardless of when you’re having sexual activity. You take the same dosage of this drug approximately at the same time per day, every day – one dosage per day. Usually, this method can be used for ED, PAH or BPH. The most common dosage for this method is anywhere between 2.5 mg to 10 mg a day.

Esculap (Tadalafil) Side Effects

Esculap (or any other tadalafil products like Cialis or whatever others) are generally very well tolerated by most men because tadalafil is a product that is well tolerated in general. Most commonly, side effects are associated with high dosages. By taking moderate doses, few men would have side effects.

But if you’re among most sensitive people to tadalafil the side effects include: headaches, nosebleeds, flushes, painful erections, getting red skin and few others. There are also other side effects that are considered to be worse such as cardiovascular issues, decrease or loss of vision and others, however such side effects are extremely rare. By discontinuing tadalafil – all the side effects would fade away quickly.

Where to Buy Esculap (Cialis)? | Why Buy Esculap?

You can purchase Esculap (Tadalafil) from our website online and you are going to get the highest quality for this product while you would get the best price as we work with Balkan Pharmaceuticals and this gives a great advantage of having the ability to sell the product at the lowest price.

Esculap is a great product – is the exact same Cialis because the main ingredient is Tadalafil which is found in both these brands. You are going to get great help by purchasing Esculap if you’re having Erectile Dysfunction issues. However, it can also be used for PAH or BPH conditions while the product is well tolerated by most people thanks to its high quality.