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What is Oxandrolone (Anavar)?

Oxandrolon (or better known by its other trade name – Anavar) is manufactured by Balkan Pharamceuticals, a company that is offering high quality products for cheap prices. Oxandrolone is the main ingredient in this product and this ingredient has achieved a huge popularity in the bodybuilding communities all over the world because of its amazing properties.

Those athletes and bodybuilders who are supplementing with Oxandrolone report they are getting noticeable results in only several weeks. They report getting huge increase in relief as well as muscles’ hardness, they can help burning fat as well as adding strength.

Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid which can greatly help to improve physique and performance and is considered to be so helpful that it got very popular all over the world in a matter of a few years. It has an elimination half life (half of the period in which the product is eliminated) of approximately 9 to 10 hours for adults and 13 hours for elderly. This means that the product would remain active and effective for no more than 20 hours.

What is Oxandrolone Used For?

This product, medically, is used to help promote weight gain in medical environments, it helps to offset protein catabolism, treat bone pain associated with osteoporosis, support recovery from burns as well as aid the development in girls with Turner Syndrome.

Nonetheless, the product got a huge popularity in bodybuilding world for its muscle building effects. Because of the fact that is a lot much more anabolic than androgenic, this product is also used by female athletes too, unlike many other steroids which are completely not recommended for women’s use.

Generally, Oxandrolone is often referred to the “soft” class of steroids and is often given to those people who are already having mass and are being focused on the relief and strength increase in the time of reducing the body fat. Since this medication is not very toxic and not very androgenic, it is considered to be one of the safest and softest steroids available on the market.

How Does Oxandrolone Work? | What Does Anavar Do?

This drug (Oxandrolone) is a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid, therefore is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR), which is the biological target of androgens like for example testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. The activation of the androgen receptor is stimulating the protein synthesis and this, therefore, is increasing the muscle growth, bone mineral density as well as lean body mass.

Mainly because of the improved protein synthesis due to use of Oxandrolone (Anavar), the user is able to gain much more lean muscle mass and lose weight. You should not expect as much muscle mass gains compared to other steroids, but the gains you would receive from Oxandrolon are going to be lean and persistent.

Oxandrolone Dosage / Anavar Cycle | How To Take Anavar (Oxandrolon)?

It is very important to keep a right dosage protocol for this steroid even though is considered to be a much milder steroid compared to others.

It has been noticed that a recommended cycle of Oxandrolone administration for physique and/ or performance enhancement purposes is going to be anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. The product should be taken at maximum 6 weeks for females use in an attempt to lower the virilization symptoms risks. The product comes in tablets (taken orally) of 10 mg. Since is recommended to start slowly with Oxandrolon (Anavar) as soon as you just start with it, an initial daily dose needs to be 20 mg taken in 2 equal doses. This means that it is recommended to divide the daily dose into 2 tablets per day – one tablet in the morning and the other tablet at lunch time.

It is important to split up the dosages because of the relatively short half life of the steroid. Then you can increase the dosage depending on your personal needs and tolerance to the steroid. Some men decide to go as high as 80 to even 100 mg a day to increase effectiveness. However, while the effectiveness might increase – the chances of getting side effects also greatly increase.

Since this product is considered to be among the “safest and softest” steroids out there, it is often called “girls steroid” which means that women can use it too. However, women should start at a daily dose of 5 mg a day (half of a tablet) and shouldn’t go over 20 mg a day (2 tablets).

Oxandrolon is a product that would suppress testosterone so it is recommended to use Tamoxifen for restoring the testosterone production. In addition to that, very often – bodybuilders decide to combine Oxandrolon with other steroids for enhancing their effectiveness. Very often, Oxandrolon (Anavar) is combined with steroids as: Testosterone, Primobolan as well as Sustanon (and others too). If you decide to combine Oxandrolon – do not use more than 40 mg a day.

Oxandrolon | Oxandrolone Side Effects

Oxandrolon side effects are possible, but they are milder with less chances of appearance compared to other steroids – no wonder it got nicknames “the girl’s steroids” since is among the safest and softest steroids out there. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why this product got so popular.

One very important thing to mention is that Oxandrolon is not aromatized by the body meaning that side effects as water retention and gynecomastia are not going to occur since no estrogen is going to be converted. Other thing to mention is that although androgenic side effects are possible (acne, oily skin and others) – the steroid is much milder on androgenic side effects profile compared to other steroids.

However, the steroid is going to suppress the natural testosterone production so it is recommended to implement a TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) during the administration as well as PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) plan after you discontinue using the drug. Other side effects include those of virilization in women.

Oxandrolone is little to no hepatotoxic at all.

Where To Buy Oxandrolone (Anavar)?

You can purchase Oxandrolon directly from our website online as you would get a cheap price for this product since we supply directly from the manufacturer. You would find that Oxandrolon from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is offering the exact same Oxandrolone substance which can greatly help in building lean muscle mass and burning fat while you pay much less.

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