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What is Provimed (Proviron)?

Provimed is the trade name for the androgenic steroid known by the name Mesterolone. This product is coming in form of tablets and is not considered an anabolic steroid but, as it is said – androgenic steroid and that’s because of the fact that the anabolic activity of Mesterolone (active ingredient in Provimed) is extremely weak. In fact, it is so weak that often is considered to be practically non existent at all.

Provimed might be better known as its other trade name – Proviron, a more famous name for Mesterolone steroid. The difference between Proviron and Provimed is the trade name and the manufacturer – as well as the price. Provimed is offering the exact same high quality of Mesterolone substance, but for a much lower price. So we believed that customers shouldn’t overpay.

Provimed (Mesterolone) is produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and by purchasing a pack of Provimed you get a high quality Mesterolone product containing 60 tablets with 50 mg each tablet. This product (Mesterolone) is considered to be one of the oldest AAS that is available on the market.

What Does Proviron – Provimed Do? | What is Mesterolone Used For?

Mesterolone is an orally active, 1- methylated DHT and this means that while the user won’t get huge gains in muscle mass, one can expect to get enhanced strength. Mesterolone (Provimed) is considered to be a drug that is enhancing strength and is adding some extremely small but absolutely all lean gains to the frame.

All in all – Proviron (Provimed) is having 4 main uses when thinking about using it in the bodybuilding communities. The first is the result of its structure. This product is 5 alpha reduced and is not having the ability to form estrogen and even so, it still has a much higher affinity for the aromatase enzyme compared to the testosterone. This product is binding very strongly to the aromatase enzyme and so is preventing estrogen build up. That’s why it reduced estrogenic side effects.

Another main use of Provimed is to enhance the potency of testosterone. Provimed (Mesterolone) taken along is ineffective for helping to increase gains. But if it is taken alongside with Testosterone, this effect is enhanced because the protein synthesis is improved.

Another use of Mesterolone (Provimed) is to add it during the pre contest training phases in an attempt to increase the hardness and muscle density. This is happening because of its effects to reduce the circulating estrogen in the body. Proviron has been often used by lots of bodybuilders and actors/ models who needed to deliver an amazing shape – when it was required.

Another main use of Proviron (Mesterolone) is to use it during the cycle with such hormones as Nandrolone – hormones that are known to lack of the androgenic activity. Those compounds that are low in androgenic nature, such as Nandrolone or Trenbolone are notorious for decreasing libido. By adding Proviron to the entire mixture – you are going to limit down this side effect. In fact, many doctors have used to prescribe Mesterolone (Provimed) to those who have low levels of testosterone because of its lower chance of abuse compared to other steroids.

How To Take Proviron (Provimed)? Mesterolone – Proviron Dosage / Cycle

Very often, Mesterolone is known to be used with very few side effects in men especially if taken within the recommended doses. All in all – this product is considered to be relatively safe. Such doses between 25 and 250 mg a day are usually considered enough to do the job and to stay away from side effects.

But most often, doses of 50 mg a day (which means a single tablet a day of Provimed) is going to offer enough level to be considered effective in each of the 4 situations that we have mentioned earlier. This is the reason why higher doses are not necessary in most situations and even when are necessary – such situations are very rare.

However, it is not recommended to use Provimed alone without the use with some other steroid taken with it. The reason is: Mesterolone is too suppressive to the natural testosterone and by using Mesterolone alone might lead to low testosterone condition. This is going to come with a wide range of unpleasant side effects.

By using the most common dosages of Mesterolone of 50 mg to 100 mg a day (1 or 2 tablets daily) you should use for a cycle that would last no longer than 12 weeks. Usually, Mesterolone (Provimed) cycles are anywhere in between 8 to 12 weeks. That’s going to be enough to make it noticeable effective.

Provimed / Proviron Side Effects

As it was earlier mentioned – most often, the side effects associated with Provimed (Mesterolone) are associated with high doses. The product is considered to be safer than most other steroids out there but still, it can become very dangerous if it’s going to be abused and won’t be used correctly.

The most common side effects of using Provimed include: liver toxicity and all other androgenic related side effects. It is known that all oral steroids are dangerous to the liver so Mesterolone is not an exception. In fact, liver toxicity is one of the worst side effects that you would need to watch out.

As in terms of high androgenic related side effects – baldness, acne as well as oily skin are all problems. The last side effect that should be mentioned here is enlarged prostate, however, this side effect is only affecting those people who are abusing this product. Do not use too high doses and you’re going to be alright! Better add a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) plan at the end of the steroid use and you’re going to do even better.

Where To Buy Provimed / Proviron?

You can purchase Provimed (or better known as Proviron) directly from our website online and you’re going to get a high quality product of Mesterolone from manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Since we ship directly from the manufacturer – you are ensured to get the highest quality with the lowest price so you are going to save money by purchasing Mesterolone here.