Salbutamol Sterling
  • Salbutamol Sterling

Salbutamol Sterling

  • Product: Salbutamol Sterling 2mg
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  • Active Substance: Salbutamol
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What is Salbutamol? | What is Albuterol?

Salbutamol is the brand name of the active substance better known as Albuterol which is also marketed as Ventolin, Proventil and many other brand names. This is a medication known to work by opening up the medium and large airways in the lungs, therefore this product is very helpful for people with breathing issues.

That’s why, Salbutamol – Albuterol is the product used for treating asthma as well as asthma attacks, exercise induced bronchoconstriction as well as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). However, except for being most often used by patients with breathing issues, it is also used by bodybuilders and competitive athletes for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Most often, this active substance is used as an inhaler or nebulizer, nonetheless, this specific product manufactured by Sterling Knight is coming in form of pills taken by mouth. Why do bodybuilders need a breathing medication? Because they use it, off label, for losing fat and increasing their performance levels.

Albuterol sulfate (or Salbutamol sulfate) is actually a shot acting Beta 2 adrenergic receptor which is pretty similar to the other famous medication also medically used for breathing issues but bodybuilders use it for weight loss purposes – Clenbuterol.

Salbutamol was patented many years ago in 1966 but nowadays is on the list of the WHO’s essential medicines where only those medicines that are considered very safe and very effective can reach them. Nowadays, the product is approved by FDA (since 1982) and other countries but only as a breathing medicine.

What is Salbutamol Used For? | What Does Albuterol Do? | How Does Albuterol Work?

As it was earlier mentioned, Salbutamol – Albuterol is used for treating various breathing issues such as COPDs, asthma, bronchospasms due to allergies, exercise induced breathing issues and others. But except for being used for different breathing issues, it also can be used for hyperkalemia, cystic fibrosis and others.

Nonetheless, the product is very widely used by bodybuilders for fat loss purposes. This product is stimulating the beta receptors and, these, in turn, are causing vasodilatation that is increasing the blood flow. As a result of that, the stored fat is broken down as the fatty acids are being used in the blood stream as a fuel.

With this being said, those people who are using Albuterol – make their bodies require more fuel which is why they lose weight. Except for being a product that will make you lose fat by breaking down the fatty acids, it is also increasing body temperature, is increasing basal metabolic rate, is decreasing your appetite and is boosting the energy expenditure.

This product is considered anti catabolic and some people even suggested that is even anabolic. True or not, bodybuilders do not really care about it (at least those using steroids) as they are already having a lot of anabolic activity due to steroid use.

So, most often, this product is used by bodybuilders for losing weight faster and more effective or by patients who are having breathing issues.

Clenbuterol vs. Albuterol – Salbutamol

Being a beta 2 receptor agonist, many people are wondering what’s the difference between the 2? Well, there aren’t much. Clenbuterol might be a little bit more effective but is also more harsher in terms of side effects. It’s like they are both same products, but Clen is more like a big bro.

Other than that – Clenbuterol is having longer half life compared to Albuterol – Salbutamol that offers a half life of only 4-6 hours.

Salbutamol Dosage | How to Use Albuterol?

As mentioned, Albuterol is having a very short half life and this is the reason why is so important to split up the dosages throughout the day in order to keep stable blood levels. Most people decide to split up the daily dose in 3 or 4 times a day.

When it comes to breathing issues, use the product exactly as recommended to your doctor. Don’t take more or less. However, for bodybuilders – the product is used in tablets form and this product is used only during cutting cycles as there’s no point out of using it in cutting cycles.

Taking in consideration that a tablet of Salbutamol contains 10 mg, you might start with 15 mg a day as this is considered a moderate dosage for fat loss purposes. That’s why, we recommend to split up your tablet in 2 halves, and take it 3 times a day. Women might want to take lower doses of only 10 mg a day.

Do not use the product with a lot of food as it may decrease its bioavailability. Also, during the entire cycle with Salbutamol is very important to drink a lot of water. Many people report decreased side effects intensity and frequency as soon as they drink enough water.

Pretty much as with Clenbuterol – users are recommended to run it for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Being a beta 2 receptor, after a while the product becomes less effective.

Salbutamol Side Effects | Albuterol Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects of Salbutamol – Albuterol includes anxiety, headaches, dry mouth, tremors, palpitations, muscle cramps, heart related issues as well as insomnia.

Using the product in the first part of the day, drinking a lot of water, doing a lot of physical activity and using the drug in moderate doses would greatly help into making you avoid the unwanted side effects.

There are other side effects that might appear such as tachycardia, arrhythmia, flushing of the skin and others such as disturbances of sleep. Do not use this product if you’re getting allergic reaction to the product as it can be dangerous.

Keep in mind that by using taurine, which is a natural organic acid, can greatly help. Pretty much as using potassium. Both these acids are depleted by the use of this medication and a constant supplementation with them is very important for staying away from the side effects.

Where to Buy Salbutamol? | Where to Buy Albuterol?

Salbutamol – Albuterol can be purchased in form of tablets directly from this page from the manufacturer Sterling Knight. This medication is greatly going to help you to lose weight and that’s without offering nasty side effects like its other famous big brother – Clenbuterol (Clen). is offering you this medication of a very high quality as we ensure that you would receive what’s written on the label and the best part is that you can obtain this very helpful medication for a very low price – much lower you can find online.

If you need Salbutamol (Albuterol) for cutting purposes, you won’t regret getting this medication as it can really help you to lose weight and you only pay a little for it.

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